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North East Trees is a unique nonprofit that implements sustainable community-based projects   We build it, we don’t just talk about it.  We educate and involve the kids so they can move up to jobs in the environmental community. We involve youth and adults in their local community, show them how to care for nature’s bountiful resources and re-engage with living on the land. We demonstrate through our projects how sustainability can pay back as part of larger community projects and planning, and restore watersheds to conserve water and return it to aquifers and rivers.

This triple-bottom line approach is highly effective in bringing together the disparate pieces of a community so that it functions together as a whole on many levels: the environment, the families, the resources, the teaching, and the ownership of place that provides the things people need to live together in a sustainable way.

So we blog about our projects here and link to our major resources so that it’s easy to find your way around all the things that we do. Our posts are on the front to keep you updated, and we’ll talk about our projects, kids and volunteers as we go along.

Use our sidebar to access some of our resources and connections to our website.

We’re located in the Cypress Park neighborhood of North East LA, at the River Center.

A little movie about us is below


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