Residents of Northeast Los Angeles Hope to See More Investment in Water Conservation

8 05 2012


Here in Los Angeles, we live in a climate where every drop of water counts and we also need to protect our rivers and oceans from the pollutants that can be carried by stormwater runoff. Rain gardens, and other stormwater collection solutions like rain barrels, can help us capture water to irrigate our gardens and prevent pollutants from reaching our bodies of water.

Over the past several months NET, with funding from the Los Angeles Department of Water and Power, has been holding and attending events throughout Los Angeles Council District 14 to spread the word. NET staff visited schools, libraries, and farmers’ markets to share information with the community. Over 500 people were reached through this effort. Additionally, we were able to collect surveys from a portion of the community members we outreached to.

Through our survey, we learned that there is broad community interest in rain gardens, water conservation, and preventing stormwater runoff. 100% of respondents indicated that they think water conservation, protecting our local water supplies, and cleaning and reducing stormwater runoff is important and that they would like to see more local investment in water savings projects. Many were interested in constructing a rain garden on their property, volunteering to build a rain garden in the community, and seeing rain gardens installed in public right of ways. Of those who indicated that they would like to see more local investment in water savings projects, 92% said they would like to see rain gardens in public right of ways and 68% would definitely and 28% would maybe like to construct rain gardens on their own property.

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This outreach project demonstrates that the CD 14 community is interested in working to conserve water and reduce pollution. North East Trees looks forward to continuing to stress these goals through our work in community outreach, urban forestry, and parks design/build.


To view our brochure and PowerPoint presentation about stormwater runoff and rain gardens visit our Facebook page.




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