North East Trees welcomes Mark Kenyon as Executive Director

12 08 2011

North East Trees is pleased to welcome Mark Kenyon, who recently joined us as our Executive Director.

Mark is a long time friend of North East Trees’ founder Scott Wilson and has been associated with NET from its very first tree planting over 20 years ago. In addition to planting trees, Mark has worked with NET on various projects including management oversight and strategic planning. Mark brings to NET a keen interest in native plants, habitat restoration, watershed management, and the use of natural spaces to connect with at risk youth.

Mark was chosen after a lengthy and detailed executive search, conducted by the North East Trees’ Board, because his broad experience in managing complex projects, people, and organizations best met NET’s current and future needs. Mark brings to NET a style of leadership and experience that the board believes is critical to helping us achieve our goals and to meeting the challenges before us.

Mark’s previous experience in executive management includes over eight years as the CEO of the MacNeal Group LLC, a provider of engineering services and software for the Computer-Aided Engineering marketplace. Prior to that, Mark worked for eighteen years for MSC Software in various product, project, marketing and executive management roles. While at MSC, Mark was responsible for MSC’s $120M aerospace business where he consistently delivered operating and financial results that met or exceeded goals, including 25-30% net income from operations.

As many NET stakeholders are aware, Mark’s wife Clare Marter Kenyon is the immediate past President of the NET Board of Directors. In order to avoid potential conflicts Clare did not participate in the Executive Director hiring process and has resigned her position as President. She was, however, asked remain on the Board in order to provide continuity and access to her deep knowledge of NET and its mission.

Mark is a twenty-six year resident of Northeast Los Angeles and has been active in many of the community organizations, including PTA, Mt. Washington Association, and the Mt. Washington Homeowners’ Alliance. He has been active in many land use issues, including the acquisitions of Rainbow Canyon, Elyria Canyon, Heidelberg, Moon Canyon and Elephant Hill parks.

Finally, Mark and Clare are the proud parents of a 26-year-old daughter, Jessica, who is a graduate of the University of California, Berkeley and holds a Master degree from the London School of Economics. She is currently living and working in Rwanda helping small farmers increase crop yields and incomes.

For further information, please contact Mark directly at: or Robert Nakahiro, NET’s new Board President at:




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