Glendale Narrows Riverwalk Project Update

20 07 2011

The Glendale Narrows River Walk project being designed and constructed by North East Trees is located on the north bank of the Los Angeles River across from Griffith Park, just east of Garden Street.

One of the most spectacular stretches of this under-appreciated river, where there still exists a natural unpaved river bottom, runs the length of this approximately half mile project. It is a gathering place for all kinds of wildlife, particularly large water birds such as the Great Blue Heron and the Snowy Egret.

After several weeks of removing concrete, asphalt, old rusty chain link fence, and invasive plants, the project has now entered the heavy construction phase at the west end of the project.

Before construction

During construction

The new entrance road is currently being graded, and a ramp will be built leading up from the parking area to the equestrian area where a spectacular new horse ring and corral have already been installed.

Structures are being constructed to allow the storm water runoff from the surrounding area to flow along a planted earthen channel for hundreds of feet before entering an infiltration basin. This will clean the storm water through natural processes and allow it to infiltrate into the sandy soils that typically line the river.  Combine these methods, known as BMP’s (Best Management Practices), with over 5,000 square feet of concrete removal and the result is water being allowed to infiltrate into the ground recharging our aquifers, much less water running directly into the Los Angeles River during storm events, and the water that does enter the river will be much cleaner than in the past.

During demolition, old metal fence and asphalt were recycled.  Rocks were recovered to be later utilized in landscaping and drainage. In a typical construction project these materials would be treated as trash and hauled of to a landfill. North East Trees makes a concerted effort to lessen the negative impact of projects and reuse all the materials we can.

The benefits that this project will bring to the immediate community and the area as a whole are typical of a North East Trees project.  Air and water quality, noise levels, property values, security, and sense of community will all be positively affected.  We replace gray, hard, lifeless forgotten corners of the urban setting with green, flowering, breathing landscapes.  We welcome back and rely on the ecosystem as an essential, functioning feature of every project.  We open up long closed public areas in the belief that getting good people to spend time and develop a stake in an area is the most effective form of security.  We expect all of these benefits and more from North East Trees’ Glendale Narrows River Walk Project.




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