Garvanza Park BMP Update

29 03 2011

The Garvanza Park Stormwater BMP Project is an innovative project that will capture and clean more than one million gallons of rain and runoff. During the month of January, once the shoring and stabilizing of the site was done, excavation of the soils began. The soil is being removed to an approximate depth of 18 feet. This large area is graded flat at the bottom and during February the crew placed large forms for concrete footings. In the area that is now excavated there are alternating rows of concrete being poured, with gravel between the rows of concrete. Large infiltration basins will be placed onto these footings and will allow for the stormwater to infiltrate into the soil.

Excavated area

The excavated area seen in the photo above is almost as wide as a football field and half a football field in length.

Individual basin units for the infiltration basin being delivered.

Setting the basin units

The individual infiltration basin units are being set onto the gravel and concrete footings, the units are set side by side and sealed. The storm water that enters the infiltration basin will gradually seep into the ground and replenish the groundwater.

Infiltration basins covered

The infiltration basins have been covered in soil and excavation for the next set of basins has begun.  The basins will be buried underneath a grassy field in the park. The next set of basins to be installed will be the retention basins that will contain the stormwater to be used for irrigating the field.